Your nick name is “Bogan Laker”, can you explain what “Bogan” means for our frenchies’ friends?

Haha, A bogan generally is a nick name for someone with long hair, black metellica t-shirt, stoner, westie (known here in Akld) general ratbag and doesn’t conform to society’s rules. I don’t have long hair or own a metellica tshirt, But I would wear one.


According to Charles Darwin we come from the monkey but according to you from which animal do you come from?

No idea really but in the chinese animal zodiac sign, I’m a Rat to which sums me up pretty good. (Optimistic and energetic, people born in the Rat year are likable by all. They are sensitive to other’s emotions but are stubborn with your opinion. Their personality is kind, but due to weak communication skills, their words may seem impolite and rude. On the financial side, they like saving and can be stingy. However, their love for hoarding will sometimes cause them to waste money on unnecessary things).


Can you tell us a little bit about the music industry in NZ & more precisely about the underground music?

There is a slowly building culture here in NZ, but it’s very hard finanually to get artists from overseas due to the long haul and expencive flights. The underground scene is so small and intimate but we can have some pretty amazing indoor and outdoor events if you know how to find them. There is a new breed of young kids that are producing music and doing cool events which is nice to see. We do get help from the Aussie’s which helps to bring international artist’s and event organisers to come help us build Shipwrecked in New Zealand. The biggest downfall is that we do not have any decent clubs that have resident nights or DJ’s booking them. We have two clubs that have house or techno on a Friday and Saturday and that is it. The rest are top 40’s or Trap/house/booty/dubstep/mix clubs which I cn’t stand especially on there lack of sound systems. All in all to sum it up its very small, unique and hard to find. If you want to find any techno or house night in Auckland you are best to look up here


How could you describe kiwi techno lovers species?
Dedicated, evolving and hard working.


What pushed you to start Shipwrecked Festival? what was the triggering element?

I always wanted to run my/co own a festival that makes waves accross the world with artists that I liked rather than a lot of the more commercial festival in NZ. The triggering point was when I got introduced to a friend Dale (thanks Anothny Muirhead for the intro), he had just came back from Berlin and London from living abroad for 7 years or so. He told me about a festival called Fusion and the Bachstelzen crew, which I had heard about from our friends from Subsonic festival in Australia. We decided it was time we woud have a go and hosted over 5 End Of The Line events and another German crew called Off The Radar came for two years. After this we founded Shipwrecked Festival with my partner Josephine. We are up against the local councils and neighbours every step of the way to the point where it becomes somewhat illegal and still we managaed to pull off one of the best little festivals I believe the world has to offer. So come next year : FEB 8th-10th 2018: for more info !


Can you describe rufflely the Shipwrecked Festival concept?

Shipwrecked evolved out of another festival. Off The Radar and End Of The Line where there on this site before Shipwrecked. The main reason why it became Shipwrecked was because of the Giant Boat that I found on the side of the motorway and we had it transported to the site as a pool. But then instead we turned it upside down as a shelter.
Now we have three boats, Cabins, DJ booths, Sound booths, Stages and a private lake and beach. Its kinda unique and never been done here in NZ before so it’s I nice feeling when you see peoples faces with nothing less than the biggest smile they can produce.


To survive species have to adapt to their environment… how do the festival adapt and protect his own environment?

This is a very hard question, Well we have had alot of issues with council and neighbours. Because of the past where 1 event none of the two mentioned above basically annoyed the neighbours so much that they now have gone to the court system and have tried to shut us down three years in a row. We still ran the event from Saturday midday and didn’t stop till Monday am. We are somewhat stubborn and I’m super driven so nothing was stopping us from having the event. We make sure we are also environmentally protective. Leave no trace of rubbish, Recycle and refuse waste, use bio cups and straws (we even stopped the straws). We makes sure the whole area is clean in the surrounding roads and lakes also so we don’t get complaints from people.


What are you top 5 of music festival in the world?

Strawberry Fields (AUS), Shipwrecked (NZ), Subsonic (AUS), Fusion (Ger), Splore (NZ) – would be the ones that I have liked most out of the ones I have been too.


Which artist inspire you ?

A lot of artists inspire me, but to name some – Luke Hess, Alexkid, Uone, Out Of Sorts, Nima Gorji, Peace Division, Acid Pauli, Ben Klock, Bicep, Amelie Lens, Nina Kraviz and a whole lot more.


Whats the next project ?

Well I have a few things on the go at the moment, I have a classic 62 Caddillac that I’m nearly finished restoring, I am making a Santa sound Sleigh, yes a Santa Sleigh so while it’s winter Im working on that to turn it into a Sound Sleigh that be towed by the caddillac in summer time to a beach or downtown and create some fun times. I’m also looking at warehouse space’s to try and find a good place to create and put on underground warehouse raves. Also Shipwrecked is totally on our minds slowly organising that.

Thanks for the time to interveiw me and I hope that we see some more frenchies here in NZ following our events !