One of the women working with Girls Skate Crew NZ & OnBoard Skate School, to change societal norms around girls in skateboarding!

According to Charles Darwin we come from the monkey but according to you from which animal do you come from?
I like to believe that we came from monkeys! But if I could chose an individual animal to think that I came from, I would probably say a Wolf. Just because I’m quiet, but can be loud. And shy, but can be outgoing. I’m also protective of my little girl like a wolf mama 😉


Since how long are you skateboarding? How did you start?
My dad used to use skateboards to move engines from car to car in his garage when I was younger, I used to sit there and watch him work on his cars. And one day I remember looking at the skateboard, and it had bright purple wheels. I started playing on the skateboard every now and again when I was 7, until when I was 9 and my uncle showed me a movie called Lords Of Dog Town. I remember watching them skate the bowls and thought it looked super rad! I begged my parents for a skateboard for almost 2 years when I my first deck when I was 11. A year later I was competing in competitions and kept skating until I was about 15. I stopped for 5 years, and started again when I was 20, 2 years after having my daughter.


What do you think about the media’s exposition of women in skateboard scene? what’s your vision about female skateboarding evolution?
I think the media is exposing female skaters a lot more than they used to! It’s awesome seeing skaters like Lacey Baker and Nora go pro. I still think there is a lot of sexualising involved, but it’s improving slowly. I hope we can all just look at each other as skaters! So no homophobia, transphobia, racism or sexualisation. No categories, just humans all enjoying the same passion!


To survive “species” have to adapt themselves to their environment… how do you adapt yourself to this male dominated sport and what would be your advice for a girl who want to be part of?

I’m a really shy person, so it’s taken me a long time to adapt to it. When a girl shows up to a skate park, all eyes usually go straight on them. People wanna see if they’re good, plus they’re not used to seeing girls down there. My advice for girls starting out is to just stand your ground! Most of the guys down there are super friendly, but you will come across the odd guy who will disrespect you in some form. But my advice is to stand up for yourself. Everyone deserves to be there just as much as each other.


Can you explain us the female skateboard programmes you’re running with Onboard Skate School? What are the different goals?
The programmes I’m running with Girls Skate NZ at the moment are a Beginners Class, Beginners over 18s class and Advanced girls class. I also do monthly meet ups at Various skateparks throughout Auckland as well. I run all of these classes down at the skatepark early on a Sunday morning. Occasionally we visit an indoor ramp that I have access to, but my main goal for the classes is to build the girls confidence in the environment of the park together

What’s the next project of the Girl Skate Crew NZ ?

 My next project with Girls Skate NZ is holding a female only skateboarding competition and showcase at Valonia Skatepark on the 21st of July.
Then this summer I will hopefully be starting a summer skate series. Which will be completions every weekend for about a month at different parks throughout Auckland.


How do you help young girls to gain confidence by skateboarding?
I like to think I help the young girls gain confidence by just sharing my experiences as a young female skater growing up, helping them with tricks whether it be advising them how I do it, or holding their hands so they get used to the movement of a trick. I also think it’s awesome seeing all the girls from my classes interact together and form friendships from sharing the same passion


Who are the female skateboarders that inspire you?
The female skateboarders that inspire me are definitely Georgina Mathews who is a female skater here in New Zealand! She just really throws herself in there and has the most awesome sense of humour. I also really love Nora Vasconcellos. She shows up all the boys and is another hilarious person.


According to you, what’s the best skate park in NZ?
In my opinion, the best skatepark in Auckland, is Valonia Skatepark in New Windsor. I heard it was not only designed by skateboarders, but built by them as well. In my opinion the bowl and all the copings on the park are flawless and it all just flows so nicely.